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  • matzoh_myron matzoh_myron Mar 12, 2009 5:40 PM Flag

    HaHaHa!! Good one, groans!!!! "Groans33" is the

    "idiot by any other name" identified in earlier post (daveyw43) that was STUPID ENOUGH to buy BHBC the day before it got delisted, then watched as he lost his azz. In retaliation, he goes to other message boards for securities he has no, and has NEVER had, positions in, and bashes them 24/7 (e.g., COIN, KKD, ALD).

    This guy is a loser.

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    • On the subject of losers, stinkfingers:Both Hardcash_Harry and Mr_sixfigures have acknowledged that they are indeed Michael A. Haberman, 54 of Louisville Kentucky now better known as The Lizard.

      Indeed it was Mr_sixfigures himself who said in posting the obituary of his beloved mother, Irene the words "I am her son, Michael"

      The following is a true accounting of stocks the Lizard has pumped and/or were included in his endless number of "Fab Six Pix" posts. Prices shown are the closing prices of March 3rd. Current prices are generally lower.
      Guess all those $1 shares he's holding really piss him off.

      Just think of his reccos as Mr_Sixfigures and check their charts and prices

      Ford $1.87
      ENT $0.48
      NSOL $0.014
      FFDH $0.0055
      OME $3.10
      PWE $7.76
      FITB $1.72
      KKD $1.15
      TNRO $0.04
      COIN $1.15
      CUBA $3.75
      FEED $1.01

      Then there was his parallel "ALL" ETF strategy. Never really followed bothered to track those but I can imagine that "auto-piloted" strategy ran into some bad weather.

      About KKD Newswire:

      The KKD Newswire and The COIN newswire are sister publications under the ownership and management of Rupert Murducky. Both publications are dedicated to publishing the truth too trivial and obvious for the mainstream press but which escapes the foolish longs of the stocks they are dedicated to cover.

    • stinkfingers, you're raving again. Can't spell or put together a coherent sentence and seem quite angry about a total stranger's contact information being posted. But I guess that's because you're my bitch, aren't you?

    • You lose AGAIN, daveyboy! Remeber Don Quixote, you dumb #$%$ What? You say you never heard of Don Quixote? Who would have guessed?

      I DARE you or anybody to call, write, or otherwise contact haberman.

      I know YOU wouldn't because you are such a #$%$ Why, hell, when you went to KY to do your "sweetheart" cousin, you wimped out after all that #$%$ about confronting DIDN'T you, daveyboy....

      Give up, loser...