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  • profit_rocket_prophet profit_rocket_prophet Feb 5, 2013 11:52 AM Flag

    slice & dice this anyway which way you want

    Nothing big is going to happen overnight. When SAPX fever hits and bottom feeders load up, you may get some clue as to the big move. What is happening is it bounces around from 2 to 3 cents and back again. If they do get Winter Queen rolling this spring and get other collaboration deals with the likes of CBS Sports, revenue increases. Those 2 things seem real. If you're sure it's some smoke screen for a stock scam, then sell. My bet is on the long side and waiting for the second half of this year. I have under 100,000 shares so I'm not going to have a life style change if I lose it all. If these guys can make it happen, if they turn a profit, well, anything over $1 would be great. Anything over $10, I'm set for the rest of my life.

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    • I agree 100%! There's limited downside. Yes, bk is a possibility for every company. However, they have a future and they're building their assets. Movies can be very lucrative and they have 4 on their way. 2 of them are from books with established fans and could be big profit successes (much of it overseas). The music machine is just getting started. 100k shares is currently only a $900 commitment. I wouldn't be surprised if the share price went to .50 when they get their first big score, that's $50k.

    • Prophet, you could be right. But for me, and many others, is other plays out there. You obviously have the $$ to wait it out, and win or lose, wont break you. GLTU.........

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