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  • Stock_Whiz Stock_Whiz Jan 24, 2011 7:53 AM Flag

    Are you People Daft


    First of all watch the volume today and see if those who posted that they will be buying, do indeed buy !!!!!!

    I bet not. Why buy today when the end of the week it will be lower !!!!!!

    If this POS does become complient or not does not matter. It is
    the same POS with or without. I dont care how much money or time is spend on this. Today a POS, tomorrow a POS, nothing changes.

    Plus the day it happens, if it does, the stock WILL NOT MOVE AT ALL !!!!!!!


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    • No whiz most people buy a stock with visions of the company sitting on a shelf being non compliant and becoming .0000 stock. You keep saying this company has done this or that but Media Exchange is no longer China Wire and does not even have a ticker yet. These are penny stocks and come with the associated risks. Nobody wants to catch an hgsi at .45 a share and end up at 25.00 right, just doesn't happen.

    • I dont have to beat anything down. This company can and has done that without even trying !!!!!

      Where are the buyers who were boasting yesterday that they would be buying today. Mindless chatter is all that was.

      Trying to get suckers to buy with visions of hope. But I guess that is O.K ???????


    • Great analogy but the steelers and packers also had a plan and one of them will walk away with everything. Packers in particular were the last seed. ;-) So whizziod, keep giving it the beat down and maybe you can shake some cheap shares loose before something happens.

    • A Plan:

      Yes, the Chicago Bears and New York Jets had a plan on Sunday and they went down in Flames.



    • whizz your showing your toolness.

      It's obviously not the same operation anymore. If you look in the K or Q, the address is changed. If you look at the web site the CEO, board, and people running the new venture have changed.(Though I have not seen that filing yet) The business model of operation has or is changing. Though I have seen no definitive signings, They have at least assembled a tenatve cast of players. 5,000ft a gaming application writer, Tarsin a mobile phone application specialist, Jagtag a media information company and the however Cantor comes into play. The Cantor ad is slick though I don't read where they have been mentioned other then the link on their site. Then theres the sports social network for kids. Who knows what will happen with any of it? Seriously did you lose that much money or expect to buy cheap? As to what happens if they become compliant, its anyones guess. Guess it depends on the business plan they lay out and how they decide to get there. I doubt they are willing to tell till they file so the price could do anything up to that point and it doesn't mean anything.

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