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  • aholmes12345 aholmes12345 Mar 1, 2011 5:39 PM Flag

    Maybe that was WHIZ that finally stepped up

    I think he's a little nervous NILLY about now.

    Things are really heating up.

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    • hmmm whizoid, you just confirm what we already know, one of your so called clowns burned you good, not sure how if it was on an investment or they flat out said your services were worthless and fired you but you sound like a guy trying to get even with someone more then someone that has done any DD. The stock price reflects that #1 the company was mothballed since 2007. A close #2 they are a non reporting company till they are compliant, #3 Because of 1 and 2 they don't seem to be operational yet. If they were, you probably could not pick up the stock at this price.

    • What are you nuts.

      What has happened. The compliance is late, any surprise ?????

      The stock is NOT moving up, any surprise ??????

      What do you think is about to happen. Maybe months from now they will be compliant, maybe. Then what, do you think there are contracts after contracts coming out. Maybe a take over.

      No Chance at all. What you will see is a reverse stock split, follow up with stock offerings. It will be a diluted POS and a stock price is will be more worthless than it is now.

      What Whiz Worry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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