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  • surfntravel surfntravel Mar 8, 2011 11:20 AM Flag

    Was Whiz let go from CWLC?

    Whiz if your such whiz investor why did you have to work for 37 years? In that amount of time I would think you would have gained sufficient capital to work your magic in a bigger better market then the risky pennies.

    If you lost some money in the past on cwlc or on the pennies in general its kind of the territory. Seems your anger is directed at this one particular stock. From the looks of things your the only remnant left of those bygone days of cwlc? I'm inclined to believe someone left you out the party somewhere or at least that's the way you deliver yourself here. Because truth is its like you have no research into this transformation. You still just hack away at your ghost cwlc. Well now it seems you are admitting they have made investment into becoming compliant and you have given up the bankrupt crying.

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    • All:

      You people just dont get it.

      This is a POS and it is dieing.

      Pump Pump Pump and it is doing nothing but burning.

      You all pumped the new V.P 's like they were god's. They were unemployed. GET IT !!!!!!

      You all pumped the stock geting compliant. It is close and is the stock rising on such good news. NOT AT ALL it is falling.

      I see I have it wrong. Good news makes a stock go down. O.K.

      Good God, where do you people come from ??????????


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