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  • art.condor art.condor Mar 22, 2011 8:58 PM Flag

    Today's volume

    The stock went from .013 to .0175 today with over 200K in volume.
    We need to realize that there is no outside buyer,yet!We are just trading amongst ourselves.If there is no formal going out of business notice,we could generate a rally or a sell off daily.
    I panicked last month and sold 500K shares in 2hrs,and one of you jumped on it! Was that a rally? After some SEC filings I bought back
    almost as much at twice the cost.Was that a rally?
    The next filing will bring us up to date and any news after that could bring in outside investors.If not,we will just remain the "Ship of Fools".

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    • I'll rate your post.

      5 stars.

      With a company like this one just goes with the flow. The latest financial statements reflect a company beyond broke (they had something like $200 in cash and accounts payable of a bazillion dollars). Until given reason, don't take it too seriously.

      On the positive side--go back through the cash flow statements in recently filed financials and you will see that our president--some guy named Joe that ran a golf organization at one time--has a bundle tied up in CWLC. Why not try and make it work.

      They have lost a lot of dough over the years and have substantial loss carryforwards as a result. Were they to liquidate the loss carryforwards disappear. Something one would not want to happen when one considers the potential impact on the next 20 years (that's the period of time loss carryforwards last).

      Bottom line--if you are into a company deep as is Joe C. and you have large NOL carryforwards why not take a stab at making it work.

      The extent of SEC filings over the past several months is a firm indication to me that this is the plan.

      Yes they have not filed for 2010 and will soon be behind for the first 10Q for 2011. But hey, they are closer to being current. Just go with the flow, keep your speculative investment modest and see what develops.

      Go with the flow.

    • I agree with your comment. There is no investor relations activity. Why should there be? This company is not current in their filings. They are making progress in their filings. I assume they'll file their 2010 Qs and K by the end of the month to be caught up and compliant. IF their story is REAL and they have raised capital to execute their business plan, we would not see the current stock price ever again. However, if what the Whiz guy is saying come true, then your last sentence is true. I remain confident that this company will turn around. You can speculate all day on the stock price, but this company needs to get current to make an impact for the company, shareholders and investors. Anyone communicating with the company to find out what is delaying the filings?

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