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  • Stock_Whiz Stock_Whiz Apr 11, 2011 10:35 AM Flag

    Dust is Settling


    Well now that the Dust has settled, the best that one can hope for with this company is a long term hold.

    Many of you, not all, have been pumping this saying when they become compliant the stock would
    take off.

    Well it isnt. Please dont say it takes time. This has been on going for 6 months.

    This is going no where fast and the best you can hope for is to put it away for a year and forget about it. Maybe then it will be $5.00, of course that is after a 1 for 500 reverse stock split.


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    • 1.6M traded one day last week,750K today, with little movement on the price.That only means that the "Ship of Fools" are still trading amongst themselves.NO NEW BLOOD!
      As for the 1 for 500 split,it will not happen until the stock is on the way to $1.00(the magic number to be listed).By than most of you will be gone.Remember,the insiders hold tens of millions of shares and they wouldn't benefit from a reverse split if they couldn't get it over a buck.

    • If this were still CWLC then I would probably agree, however I think that there must be more information coming forward. We have not seen or heard the scenario for this Media Exchange Group yet. They still have .pk as of yet on the ticker. Not saying it will go one or the other with being compliant and at whatever point the 500:1 takes place, but with all they have done to get to this point I don't think its a stagnant company either. It could still be there is some good news.

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