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  • genevievevillega genevievevillega Apr 14, 2011 12:15 AM Flag


    Here's recent news mentioning CWLC.PK - "MEDIA EXCHANGE GROUP, INC. Financials" -

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    • here's another link, this one to the 09/30/10 balance sheet.

      (note the date, it means regulatory compliance is closer and closer)

      If there ever was a shell of a company this is it:

      --zero assets (you would think they would have at least a desk)

      --liabilities of $2,195,000 (all current)

      they are a shell--this is something one merges something else into--bring regulatory filings current and you have a publically traded shell.

      Merge with that shell and bingo you have a publically traded company.

      Do a reverse split (a 1/500 reverse creates a $5 stock--a level that permits mutual fund participation) and you are off and running.

      The dots are present-- I strongly suspect that they are going to be connected.

      Don't forget--CEO Joe headed up a publically traded corporation for somewhere around a decade. He would be very familiar with the regulatory agreement.

      He also has a lot of skin in this game (he's the sole holder of the preferred shares)--I suspect he is very interested in getting his investment back.

      Dot speculation but one cannot deny the dots.

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