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  • Stock_Whiz Stock_Whiz Apr 27, 2011 8:26 AM Flag

    Lots of Negatives

    So let me list some negatives and then please do respond with some positives.

    1. The company is still a .PK (The company put out a news release many months ago that they
    would be compliant by Feb 15. We are going on 3 months late)

    2. A reverse stock split is coming. Anyone’s guess on what it will be ( 1 for 500, 1 for 1000)
    Some say this is a negative, some say a positive. I say it’s a necessity for this company to survive,
    even if the current stock holders are screwed. After the split the low stock price will be a hinderance to investors. Many investment firms will no look at a company selling sell that $5.00 a share. Management will have to do a great job of selling itself to the investment community. I think they need to improve on that.

    3. The lower the stock price the less the company has to offer to purchase others.

    4. Once a company is acquired it takes time to integrate in. There are start up costs, acquisition costs, etc.

    5. The company has a history of Failures. While it may have a new name, its past will always be there.

    If you think this company will report any kind of profits, you’re looking at a year or more. If ever.

    As I said before. Put this stock away for at least a year. As for now the current stock holders are just plain screwed !!!!!!!


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    • 1. The company was compliant, now it is late again. Its a matter of one filing and getting off the pinks.

      2. The reverse is a matter of record at 1/500 so I have not idea why you are floating the idea of 1/1000. They still have some time and where things are today is simply today. The stock price after the split is actually to draw investment, it will be much higher then it currently is after the split so I am not sure how your comparing .0043 and an after reverse price and saying the after will be too low to draw investors.

      3. Your right a low post reverse price means they will have to offer more stock to get the same benefits as less stock at a higher price.

      4. Both companies work towards efficiency and synergy in that situation.

      5. The current management/ownership has no relation to the previous business. At least in name, method of business and stated web site plans. The previous business was tied only in transfer of leadership from one person to the other within the same core plan that did not succeed on the onset if you read the filings and history.

      I have no idea what they will report. It will be interesting to see. I'm sure a lot of people are waiting.

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