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  • Stock_Whiz Stock_Whiz Apr 28, 2011 8:53 AM Flag

    Whats Wrong with this Picutre


    Last week at this time the stock was trading at 1.2 cents and there was no current news.

    Today its trading about 1/2 of where it was last week and there is news about a merger.

    The Stock is looking at a lower open this morning.



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    • The 14c was refiled on 4/21 pushing the reverse split into the middle of May.If there is an exchange of X number of shares for one of theirs(buyers)it would be foolish of management to exchange with the "new shares".It would be devastating for us as well.It is understandable that the more "astute" are dumping, knowing that they may end up with even less than the 500 for one.

    • seriously whiz you try to hard to stir the pot. This was just announced and being that they are on the pinks still I really doubt the world was watching. I didn't see weeks of build up, no news release, nothing where a crowd had gathered to see whats going on. What you have is something unexpected happen, veering away from what was on the web site to a new company that we know little about. It will be the new company name and I suppose a ticker more in line with Intellicell. People will research this new information and make decisions based on what facts come out. What news they have, when they are off the pink sheets and again compliant. Some of these stem cell companies trade at $5.00, $10.00 or more, some around a dollar, some under in the penny's. Don't know that I have seen one as low as ours but I'm sure you can find out. Now we have a new direction, new players with maybe different objectives. It will do whatever its going to do over the next days, weeks, months. Your still beating that same drum but a new band just got on stage. Do some research, where are the other centers, do they make money, will they make money, is the research they are doing heading towards profits, Who are the leadership, where they came from then decide. Or if you just here for a pump wish for that. Not really sure what it is you hope to get from your investment. Is you purpose to hold and sell higher or is your hope that everyone that was in before loses? Just can't get a read on you. Good luck on the running though.

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      • What I'm saying is if they wanted this to leap, they would have put out PR about Intellicell being on the cutting edge of this new technology, it's success in its current level and its need for expansion. Potential profits. Its leadership. Gather a crowd. You would have posted you were in talks with this company, a build up to a definitive merger and then the actual merger. Make it mean something big just happened. This just seems like a business deal that happened rapidly. Now we should see some of that, and effect a more gradual outcome.

      • Surf:

        Have a half Marathon next Saturday the 7th and am not ready for it.

        Not stiring the pot. Just asking a question and pointing something out. AS I type this the stock is trading at .006. This is 1/2 of what it was last week.

        Maybe next week they can pick up another merger and we will be back at .003.


        I have not bought any or sold any. Just holding on.
        Nor do I have any plans to do either.

        Hows your running coming ??????


    • So what you're saying with this post is either, "oops bought too high and want to buy lower and average down" or "sold out and looking to buy back in lower". Which is it?

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