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  • Stock_Whiz Stock_Whiz Apr 28, 2011 10:47 AM Flag




    Lets look at the current price. It is .0055.

    So let just say the stock is trading at $5.00 just
    for a figure after the split. For the Stock price just to get back to where it was trading just last week it would have to Double to $10.00. And then to get back to where it was a month ago It would have to trade at $15.00 a share.

    Now how many of you beleive that this has any chance of happening in the near future.

    Those who have purchased at 1.0 cent and higher are just plained screwed.

    Just pointing out a fact thats all.


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    • Stock_Whiz,
      I see your point and the subject of your thread "Screwed". But the agreement between Media Exchange Group and Intellicell BioSciences may be good for us. Reason, I don't see how Media Exchange Group, that is selling sport electronic cards, could have been a cash cow. There is little demand for that kind of product.

      However, a medical stock would have a better chance, in my opinion. I think we now have a good chance to rally near .10 cents a share, maybe more. We will have to wait to see what profits are going to be.


    • Whiz no insult, it's just you have to think about enrolling in some business math classes at the community college of your choice. ;-) Every time you crunch numbers you are so far off the mark its only funny if you mean it to be. Otherwise someone can't be that far off the mark. BTW- we have a 1/2 coming up in San Diego and then the famous 10K in Boulder CO (50,000+ runners) at the end of May if one can get out there.

    • OK, thanks for the insight. Now I'm on the bid for 500K more at .0056 (actually for a half hour now).

    • WHIZ please respond: You said...

      "I have not bought any or sold any. Just holding on. Nor do I have any plans to do either."

      OK now you say something!!! When posting on boards anyone can say anything, truth or lie, bash or pump. You don't have to give personal information, but at least lend some credence to what you say, justify your statements by stating your position in the stock if you expect people to trust what you say. So now you admit you're holding and neither buying or selling. The worst kind of stock holder, who becomes so infatuated they will hold when it's diving as has been for months now. Instead of at least selling, to get back in later and blunt the pain. Be at least a smart long, flip in and out a portion and minimize the pain, gee whiz!!! Mr. Whiz.

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