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  • Stock_Whiz Stock_Whiz Jul 22, 2011 9:46 AM Flag

    Crack me Up !!!!!!!!!!!!


    Come on people. The company and a name name. The company has a new Symbol. But its still the same crap. Did you really think it was going up.

    For what reason. There are no earnings. There is no income.

    Good Grief, nothing changes.


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    • Good to see you back whiz, thought you might go the way of media exchange and be spun off to some other company. Your storied history of bashing your own interests could have went either way. I would have guessed your axe to grind was with someone at Media Exchange or CWLC and you followed that path. I differ with you in that given Intellicell Bioscience is a completely new group that has distanced themselves from what was here before, that they are building a real company, that will ultimately create revenue. If you read the filings and the web site, it makes sense that a more cost effective product that fits the current regulations, in a niche market, with the right people holding the right mindset, proper marketing, focus, and taking the best actions to build the company. It will at least increase the odds of success. Whiz, if they are getting $2500 per processing of the stems, at a location established in key large population density cities from expanding Dr. Offices, from an increasing patient base, it does not take a math guru to see that the revenues will climb. Of course that will all depend on the success of the trials, outcome of the services they are providing. You can bag on this as you did with CWLC or MediaExchange but I would plunk my money down on a bet that people will pay for the promise of better health or a cosmetic improvement over the facade of a china company. You said this this will work out on a long hold yourself. I am giving them some time to see what comes along. BTW- When you say there are no revenues before any company information is put out, where are you getting that information? Are you just making it up and posting stuff or do you have some source?

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