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  • Stock_Whiz Stock_Whiz Jul 26, 2011 9:02 AM Flag

    Nothing has Changed


    Lets see now. The company has no earnings. The company has the same people running it. The company has more shares to dilute itself. Earnings, if they ever happen, are years away.

    So, Same company, different name and symbol.

    SAME PIECE OF CRAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you think this is going up any time soon forget it.

    Blast me again. If you recall, and I will remind you. I was the only one right about this company. You blasted me 9 months ago and do it
    again if you like.

    Post your unreasonable dreams, it aint going to happen.


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    • Whiz nobody is posting anything... what are you talking about? You lonely or something and want to talk to someone?

      Its a different company in case you have not been reading along. New officers, new business, new direction, new address. Media Exchange went to Consorteum so what are you posting?

      Are you just saying every company in general is the same? If you read this latest you see they had some revenues before morphing into Intellicell. They have a lot of things in place that Media Exchange did not. They raised some money. Just wondering how you can compare the two? They are completely different enterprises. You have to agree if they duplicate the revenue they have from multiplied locations and clients the potential is even different.

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