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  • yankeeipos yankeeipos Jul 28, 2011 11:27 AM Flag

    I encourage all patients who have been treated by the cells to post

    I was treated using the Intellicell stromal vascular fraction cells over 13 weeks ago for general rejevenation. I had no specific pains or aches but felt that getting an infusion of my own stromal vascular fraction cells which have the greatest source of adult stem cells would allow me to turn back the clock. I am a mid 50's individual. The procedure took less that 2 hours and did not require a physical. The doctor performed a small cut on the belly skin on each side. The doctor then used a very thin candela to harvest 2 ounces of adipose(fat ) tissue. This took about 5 minutes and it included a lot of water and lidocaine. It did not hurtand getting 2 oz is minimally invasive. The haravested fat then underwent the ultrasonic cavitation and within 15 minutes the cells were separated from the fat debris. I had nearly 1 billion svf cells and I had 600 million cells reinfused through intravenous in my arm. Within the next day I felt a tremendous energy surge and found I needed less sleep. In addtion, I was able to focus better and found that certain physical things that occur to a mid 50 year old man became better. Overall, I still feel this energy surge and the changes that occured like increased libido, better sexual performance, increased fluidity of muscle action and increased work out performance and endurance are still here. My skin definitely tightened up. I have talked with other patients who have had major pain and have seen the pain go away within days to weeks and it has continued to stay this way. I definitely feel it makes you younger.

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    • wasnt this china wirelss ?? or something like that,,,this just like appeared in my portfolio out of no where. how can a scam company go from wireless whatever to stem cell whatever ???? wtf

    • I have been fortunate to be treated for several painful problems. I have plantar fascitis(bone spur in my heel) which is very painful. I am a runner and it had kept me from running for a period of over 2 years. This has hampered me enormously over the last several years. In addition, I must have had a small tear in something in my right elbow. I heard about Dr Victor and the adipose, svf cell therapy treatment from a friend. I was treated nearly 2 months ago. Within a week, the pain in my heel was 95% better and I was able to run in a 5k race one week later. I am sure the bone spur is still there but the pain and inflammation are gone. For a running lover like me this is manna from heaven. The pain in my elbow took a little longer to go away even though it felt better within days. I assume the cells repaired the damaged tissue. I had tried many pain killers and nothing has compared to the relief I have received from the svf cell therapy. I am enjoying tennis and golf again.

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      • I was treated by Dr. Victor using the svf cell therapy about 10 weeks ago. I am 48 year old woman going through typical perimenopause symtoms, ie mood swings, weight gain, fuzzy thinking and fluctuations in sexual desire. The procedure lasted about 2 hours and I was able to return to work the next day. Within days I felt more energetic, clarity in thinking, and general feel of well being. I've also noticed no wrist pains from using the computer. Most noticeably, I experienced no PMS and menstral cramps...for the first time, I did not use any advil or tylenol! I am happy to report improved libido and renewed satisfaction.

      • I have had lower back pain every morning when I woke up and it was extremely bad when I exercised. Since being treated by Dr. Victor using the svf cell therapy, I have been able to exercise for 40 minutes every morning. The prior back pain prevented me from doing this prior to the treatment. It's been approximately 6 weeks and have been exercising and feeling great and even lost 5 pounds. I used to take a lot of Advil everyday and I have not taken a pill since being treated. My energy level and stamina have been improved and I even ran for 50 minutes on Saturday. Net result is that I am extremely happy and thrilled that I did the SVF cell treatment and I encourage others to try it out.

      • Where did you get this done and how much did it cost??

        Just askin'....

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