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  • thebretheran Jan 19, 2012 1:58 PM Flag

    Many of you don't understand this

    To be blunt, many of you posters don't get this technology. The next capital raise along with the license payments will build out a management team. SVF or stromal vascular fraction is a major area of autologous stem cell research. There are many, many clinical trials taking place. This can be a robust business.

    I've been in the medical technology business for 30 years; this has significant potential. A win will be all about corporate execution.

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    • Simply don't buy it if you don't feel its worth the investment. Linkedin would hardly seem worth $70 a share either, no patent there, no ground breaking tech, yet there it is LNKD @ $71.00 Go figure. If this market is what they estimate and this ends up being a patented process with good trial results then you guess what its value could be. People come on boards trying to beat up a stock usually with an axe to grind from losing some money or in hopes to pick up a bargain, maybe even sell short if theres panic volume. SVFC being around such a short time the money loss seems unlikely since up until a week ago the price was somewaht consistant. Good luck on your choices.

    • Let's see if they get the patent.

      Anyone can get patent pending.

      You think a three person company with a working Derm is going to change the face of medicine?

      Sounds like another pink sheet scam to me. It seems like people here are wishing.

      What justifies the valuation today. Would you pay $50 million for the company?

    • This not about Intellicell but rather the Manning story I was referring too.

    • There are hundreds of stem cell companies doing the exact same thing. The number of patients is probably less than the total number of companies because it is so overhyped.

      A pink sheet company working out of Derm's office is NY with a patent PENDING product ain't going to be the one to change the world.

      Whatever stupid company occupies this shell has been poison. Wonder what will be next after this.

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      • Its pointless arguing with someone that possibly lost money with a previous business. Could a MM have purchased shares only to sell them off at bid price driving share value down on a lightly traded company, only to mop up all the old media exchange or china shares floating around out there? Gaining a more favorable overall position? For there to be a flurry of volume like yesterday someone that still see a favorable future for this company has to be buying a lot of stock. Seems odd to me that there is no slate of presentations on the web site during this period.

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