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  • tophatblue tophatblue May 7, 2012 3:58 PM Flag

    Still Overvalued above a Penny

    Who would pay $16 million for this?

    Obviously nobody. Daily slide to oblivion...

    The FDA cloud will not go away anytime soon.

    This shell must have some serious demons that need to be cleared. No survivors.

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    • How can you say that? I mean other then this is sort of your daily retirement hobby, to bash this company. The QC issues which are simple fixes and clarification on this procedure, which by the ways seems to be gettting carried out at other companies with about the same amount of manipulation, and could easily be right back at 3-4 dollars a share. The issued has not changed all that much.

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      • It was never worth that either. Manipulated stock and a made up company. Process still doesn't even have a patent.

        Would you invest in this?


        -Didn't disclose an active FDA investigation was ongoing
        -Didn't disclose the scathing FDA letter. Someone else brought that up.
        -Didn't respond as they said they would.

        Why would you even think of defending this crappola company? I rather put my money selling pet rocks than this scam.

        If you are interested in stem cells, check out Cytori. They are doing it right, following the FDA guidelines. I am dubious if they have the financial muscle to pull off what it takes to get to market though. Long way away, and who knows how receptive the consumer will be. At least they are following FDA protocol.

      • You could always call Irina at the FDA and just ask the current situation. It should be public knowledge.

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