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  • backonblack backonblack Jun 15, 2013 3:32 PM Flag

    FYI - The patent makes the business (and the stock) very atractive

    As an autologous product, the donor of the tissue and the recipient of the cells are the same person. This fact highly reduces problems commonly associated with allogenic products. The risks of rejection are greatly reduced. The risks of allergic reaction are also highly reduced.
    IntelliCell™ does not culture, grow, or expand the cells in any way. This is important to clinicians and patients alike. There is no growth serum used in the process, such as growing cells in bovine serum and there are no enzymatic agents in use, such as collagenese. IntelliCell™ thinks that its process results in a minimal manipulation of the originating vascular tissue and the final cellular product. Ultrasound, which has been in clinical use for decades, is the method by which IntelliCell™ is able to obtain the Vascular Fraction Cells.
    The IntelliCell™ process also results in much higher cellular yields when compared to other methods in clinical research use today.
    For the clinician using the IntelliCell™ product, it is a same day procedure. This is more convenient for the patient and the clinician.

    Unlike most companies that use other types of equipment, IntelliCell™ uses a flow cytometer to check each sample for cell viability and the cell count for each patient. This is an important quality step that permits IntelliCell™ to generate the safety data that is required to adhere to good laboratory practices.

    The entire process takes about 1 hour to complete. The cells are then returned to the physician and the patient treatment can begin. Some of the cells are placed into an IV drip bag for administration. The IV treatment takes about 20 minutes. Depending on the areas being treated and the type of injury, cells can be also be placed locally.

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    • BackonBlack,

      This is all true and most likely will be the first way in which many patients will receive a relatively cheap, quick and easy way to help regenerate parts of their anatomy, especially reconstructive surgery. But the FDA has ruled 'stem cells' a drug....even autologous, so there will have to be trials regardless.

      Eventually i do think that more complex methods that entail genetic manipulation and reversing ones cells telomeres will be the ultimate therapeutic route, but this will even take longer to perfect.

      So, SVFC's IP i do believe is low hanging fruit which will also survive the long haul, because the companies(like BTX) which will eventually offer high quality regen options will also need a company like intelliCell to draw clients blood from the bedside/hospital before it's manipulated, brought back to a embryonic state and combine with(in some cases) an extra cellular matrix.
      Just be patient here, many big pharma will go the 'autologous' route at least for the first decade of mainstream regen medicine.

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