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  • surfntravel surfntravel Jun 25, 2013 10:52 AM Flag

    Is there any real barrier to this thing continuing its climb?

    I mean we are really just recapturing levels it only just recently lost over some poor PR. Lets hope its all resolved and some positive news will come out.

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    • Waiting for Dr. Victors FDA rebuttal. Lots of 'failures' to correct. Good news is that we have had two years to correct them.

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      • Well I would imagine with the building contractor issues that may have taken some focus off the process controls but if they have a person in place to monitor that aspect they should be in fairly good shape as long as they are following their own procedures. Given at one time the previous inspector seem to question the validity of the whole collection process as it applied to the rules of minimal manipulation it would seem they are past that big hurdle. At least his PR about the inspection seemed a clarion call that they are in it to meet the lab criteria. Most inspections do find items, how serious is to be seen. Now having a patent and the legal end of a building contractor bill collector cleared up. Well unless there is something lurking unseen things do not seem out the possibility of a move in the right direction. Company seems comparable to a CYTX with possibly a more cost effective retrieval system. I don't know if this contractors settlement shares are free trading or restricted but unless they shoot themselves the foot the thing should have a chance. I held tight today. Anyone know the specifics of the inspection. Seems after some initial gaffs they need some funding and a relaunch. If you read back in the PR history it seems Victor was making his case at a lot more medical group presentations in the beginning. What has become of these franchise type facilities over the past year?

      • Liking the accumulation in the stock. I'm thinking the inspection results may be coming soon along with additional news to provide more company guidance. Any other thoughts BT?

    • yes. when that pig cindy/cjstocksup and her crew start the dumping I would imagine THAT will stop the climb. lol

    • shorters to get eaten.. ;-)

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