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  • surfntravel surfntravel Oct 29, 2013 1:03 PM Flag

    How embarassing this PPS, to think it was once $4.50 share, bring on the private placement Dr Vic

    Less then a half a penny a share. As low or lower then some shell tickers. This company with patents, assets, and a technology that is supposed to be the future of medicine. Why the downward pressure without support? waiting? I am expecting more like $20.00 a share with all the promises.

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    • I'm not sure why there is so much downward pressure. my shares in the company are losing so much value for like no reason. but the stock has not been worth $4.50 a share in a very long time. i bought at 5 cents during the summer time. i have been holding for a few months now and my shares already lost 90% of there value. you do make a good point on talking about the fundamentals there's patients technology and assets and things plus on the technical trading side there's sure to be a 120% bounce in stock price back up to 1 penny a share from here but after that giant bounce my stock will then be only at a 80% loss rather then 90% loss. so i feel your pain in this stock. and this company is not dead yet there's still news stories here and there i read about here on yahoo finance so i know that important things are still going on with this company.

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      • I am at a 80% loss only because I have picked up more shares. I hate having to do that because its the same buyers and sellers that are locking the value down that are probably selling me new shares. Shorts I guess. There is a lot of Dilution with all the non payment of bills that the good Doctor dumped on his share holders and even supposed friends. The part that bothers me is there is supposed to be tons of positive pr yet it is retained till the poker hand played it the one that net the CEO the biggest benefit. He could have released some news and been more transparent and it would have gone a long way to retaining some value. I will buy one more time only because I can't stand the bloodsuckers down here playing in the space below me never achieving a price where I can get out. I know if all the great things they say were true we would have a great outcome. Problem I am having believing that anymore because there is no excited crowd showing up to pick off these shares like a company generating a huge success would. I have been a huge supporter of this even buying some at over $3.00 a share. He has had over two years and not a lot happened positive to the share value. I don't know how he can greet his friends that came to the launch party.

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