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  • surfntravel surfntravel Nov 3, 2013 9:39 PM Flag

    The Time to buy is now.

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    Why invest in stem cell company? Because Intellicell is the future come early. This process is a front runner, if you could wrap all your hopes and dreams about health and wellness and race off into the future, you would want to go NASCAR supersonic to get there wouldn't you? A Back to,the future Delorean on steroids.

    I hav e bashed the Doc enough over money management, I am laying down the gloves there. Because the science is to promising, The ultimate goal to important, imagine your body healing itself without a knife touching you, without saws cutting your tissue. This science holds the possibility of healing damaged hearts, healing diabetes or at least lessening its harmful effects on the body. Shoulders, knees, ligaments. Organ issues, perhaps even aging diseases like Alzheimer's within reach of a cure. Nerve injuries, gums, hair all worthy candidates of using the bodies own healing cells concentrated at the point of attack.

    This companies success as well as ones like it, take the small steps, as well as some huge ones in that arena. Not in the hopes of selling a drug but of harnessing the body's amazing curative powers in a concentrated offensive to defeat the enemy decease and injury. Buying shares here not only effect the exploration and usage of this science. It propels awareness with every positive procedure. Buy it not only because the return could be monetary, but because it has the possibility of saving lives, effecting quality of life. If if proves to not be effective we will know for certain, but if it proves effective in treatment in a multitude of treatments we will change medicine, a paradigm shift. Those we had lost before might be saved, those the remained forever injured or sick might well be improved. You have the power to effect the change by investing in companies like this. Using no controversial stem cells, but those harboring in our own body fat.

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    • i agree its difinnatly time to buy. i already bought. but even if i was on the sideline and had money to invest i would be able to buy again. i think that buying in at any price at 0.007 or less is a very good price to pick up shares. once the stock hits 0.008 ,0.009 or even one penny 0.01 the buying pressure starts to hit major amounts of resistance and then it starts to come back down to 0.006 or around today's price levals.

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