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  • mengheatherdawn mengheatherdawn Nov 29, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

    This is going to be one of the hottest stocks to own in 2014!!

    Wait and see people this little company has a low float, solid science, a product in testing on humans already and this is all just the tip of the iceberg!! If you read up on them you'll see where a finance group settled with us over around 800,000 dollars they were paid in stock which they dumped on the market sinking the stock. Once the shares are out this stock will rocket up in a major way!! All IMHO and this is just a rough draft of what happened to take the stock to this level if you want to know more then do some DD but it should be a real profit maker in the next 12 months!

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    • Its definitely been one of the hottest stocks to own in 2014. Now that the price has re-traced all the way back down to the lows this stock traded around Christmas time only about a month after this post was made. i would say its time for mega rally round 2. only problem is i sold out at 0.0045 for a 50% loss on my money and now im no longer holding shares now that the price is actually cheap and also im too lazy to open up my safe and then walk all the way to the banking block in the downtown of my city and deposit it and then send it off to my brokerage and then have to wait 4 to 7 days for me to be able to buy some SVFC. plus all my other stocks are down. and now im down about 500 dollars for the year. early in the year i was up about 300% in profit. i had $1000.00 in value in my brokerage then it rose to 4000 in value and then it crashed when all my stocks fell. of this crash i lost only a few hundred dollars in SVFC but PEII killed me and SANP lost alot of value but its still holding on. also i did a bad trade in TCPS this year , but last year i brought in some big money on it and im still basically at a profit on it. But this PEII stock was a disaster i bought around 4 cents and then had to sell my all around $0.0017 and now thats the equivalent of 1.70 because of the giant reverse split so had i kept holding past selling my all at $0.0017 i would have taken like 100% loss instead of the 50% loss i did cause i was mostly averaged in at $0.0034 which i needed to sell at in order to keep the trades losses minimized. i did have around 20000 shares of PEII at 4 cents but like i said i was mostly averaged in at this 0.0034 price which would have been $3.40 a share if thi thing ever bounces back there. 2014 has become only my 3rd best year. earlier in the year i was briefly at best year ever but i gave up my big lead. there has been only 1 year in which i posted a gain. All in all 2014 is still a great year of the 13 years i have been trading.

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    • The problem is all the problems created by not having any money of his own, borrowing then neglecting to make even a payment, now get loaded on investors. Add up the average selling price that Hanover received their stock at. Times the millions upon millions of shares and the company probably paid 200-300% of what was originally owed. The remodel job itself was an exploited contractor job with probably no competitor involved then turned around and royally hosed the investors to get their jacked invoice first. Then came Iron Ridge, a worm or an off shore corrupt finance firm that sues the desperate companies that borrow from them as their main mode of operation. They have sunk the pps through falsly posting ads to sell assets and helping their henchmen short the stock not that it needed any help at that point. Now with all bills paid we are continuing to see dilution and for what reason? Future needs? Hope each and every share sold was for company expenses because someone will be accounting for them. Everything followed to the letter. Last summer the doc sent out emails saying it was a green light for investors, no issues. I just hope he remembers that, holds off on accesorizing his lifestyle until the business is actually doing something to reward those that bailed him out of a bad situation. Right now it seems a long long way back from here. As for those suing Iron Ridge be it on the 20th or put off till after the 22nd. I wish you well. We have some positives coming, maybe some valued international patents, some possible successful clinical trials in Korea, some good results and a better standing in the community as a whole. Could we get to a penny again. It will take some effort, can we get to a dime, we need some big news.

    • Needs to come from the company, to long on self promote of the investors that are hoping to recoup some money. The voice needs to start coming from management directly in the form of PRs not 8k issuing more shares. Have you taken a grand total of what we investors paid for a remodel job on an office suite and lab that does not even include furnishings? So far Regen is set up beautifully for success on the backs of the investors again. It's time Intellicell step out from hiding. I hold millions of shares here too but adding to a gradually diminishing pps does not interest me. I have a job and its not sitting home manipulating the price to flip and acquire more shares. When it really makes a move it will because the management assembled a team and sets out to build a real company. Patents, agreements, revenue, partnerships.

    • It looks good on the surface. My most basic form of DD arises from doing a Google search of a company CEO with the word "scam" after it. The fact that Dr. Steven Victor has been in trouble for using investor money for personal expenses and debt payments in his private practice means I question his motivations for having a public company. Good luck to you. Sounds like a smelly fish to me.

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      • I agree in part. However Dr. Andrews and Michael Hirschman simply wouldn't associate with science that wasn't legit. It appears that the science is kosher but that the CEO may be in over his head.

        If Hirschman and the board would step up there seems to be something to this process. Also I know one of the investigators working on wound care w/ stem cells. There wouldn't be a clinical trial without some basic positive results with the SVFC process.

        It seems the board should step up. If they do I'll buy more. Right now, have to agree that the CEO's ability to run a public company appears suspect.

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      • Doesn't help that this is getting pumped everywhere.

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