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  • surfntravel surfntravel Dec 24, 2013 1:26 PM Flag

    Once I buy at .0014 it will dive to .0011

    That is what has been happening for months.

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    • Stock is up nearly 600% since 11 micros. chill and relax user Surfntravel. Times are going to be rockin for now on. when the stock gets back to 99 micros its going to be up 900% since our bearish sentiment back around in Christmas times of 2013.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I got in at .0015 and sold friday at .0023 ,for a 50% gain,I got lucky because right after I sold it dropped back to .0019 by .002

    • You need to unlearn your thinking and generate better mental vibrations.

    • The move up was even bigger than expected and the stock closed at 19 micros with a asking of 20 micros. this was better than my forcast of it closing at up to only 18 micros. i know that 21 micros is the next price and i seen so much buying activity that i forcast another move up like today the stock will close at 23 micros and be only a hair below the 24 micro high for today. then again it could be even better and close at 24 or 25 micros. be will have to wait and see. today was only the first day of a bounce. needs more up days in a row in order to be on a up trend. just becuase were back at the December 19 prices does not mean its on a up trend. i hope the move up will continue next week when the market re-opens. thing about next week is is that its also the first week of January so this means that the monthly stocastic price trend is going to turn more bullish as this buying pressure continues. if January is a up month then its possible that the price could retrace back to the lows of November at least. this would be the very begining of a long term reversal back up. and thus the prediction that 2014 will be a good year to own SVFC will come true.

    • It seems like a Possibility that the stock will dive lower and eventually get delisted and we lose all our money. i certainly cannot seem to rule it out at this point. but its a going concern at this point. i would say that its not a a imminent threat. at the earliest this could occur is as soon at the new year begins. but i personally feel that SVFC will be a great stock to own in 2014 and that there will be a recovery. already after you bought at 14 micros the stock has move up and you made back enough on that purchase to pay its commissions. you are lucky that you still have money to use to help shore up this investment. because i am tapped out and no longer can invest more money to try shore up my investment in this SVFC. I truthfully believe that the stock is near a bottom and this could be the big day we have been waiting for when we all say the worst of the crash has come and gone. another move up like today and then SVFC will be at a 1 week high around 18 micros. the stock is on deaths door right now but it will not die until at least next year. that is to say if it must die (De-listed) at all.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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