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  • corner.pocket67 corner.pocket67 Dec 27, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    *** Check This Out ***

    Somebody bought 11,111,000 shares on Tuesday and 7,400,000 shares yesterday. Today Stock Mister (stock promoter with a real name of Carlos Pereira) comes out with a stock promo today stating "no compensation". Could Carlos be involved in a pump and dump here?

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    • what did they buy them at .. 0015 ?

    • In order for there to be a dump there first has to be a pump. and Currently this has only been the first say of a actual bounce. in order for the stock to be pumped up it at least needs to have a 3 day in a row string of going up. currently this is not the case. stocks that are this low in price typically have big percentage moves when they try go back up. i feel that its way too early to tell if Carlos is either trying to start a pump or if he is just a Ordinary invester that bought early. at any rate. becuase this is only the first day of a move higher its still in the early stages of a pump. so i wuld advise new investers to buy shares at these low price levals..

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      • It looks to me like Carlos could have easily sold his blocks of shares yesterday making 40% on his pump and dump. Maybe I am missing your point but I don't believe that this type of pump and dump needs any sustained 3 day period.

      • A pump is when a group of 24 paid pumpers suddenly overtake the message boards repeating two year old PR, outright hyped lies and discard any real issues like lingering cloud of FDA, 370k litigation over furniture, unresolved court date with Iron Ridge and a final issuance of more shares to Hanover, former Note holder conversions and so on. Plenty of possibility too but just ranting about some stuff that is far from true sets it up for bag holders that will be tomorrow's bashers and ammo for shorts. Steady incremental climb based upon substance is the way out. Not fake hype.

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