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  • surfntravel surfntravel Dec 28, 2013 1:36 PM Flag

    Monday would be a great day to sell conversion notes and clear the rest ot Debt.

    The I- H club is doing their best to overstate and whip everyone into a frenzy. I hope the company will use the renewed interest to hit 100 million or so volume and pay the Waldner deal.

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    • I agree...this is a fake pump and I'd like to see the debt settled too. Even if it's with shareholders money......just make it back for us Doc!

      The real run starts when they get that international patent imo.

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      • There we agree, this pump and its a paid promotion pump. Not necessarily by the company but an organized effort by some group. It may move up but they need a lot of pumping because I think there are some notes being absorbed or yesterday's volume would have made a good move up. Monday and hopefully to the new year is good opportunity for them to get people they converted to cash out and wipe the debts away. There is Hanovers remaining 7 million or so shares, and Waldner furniture and the one sneaky one I worry is adding up to a good amount is the legal fees for all this stuff that went on. I hope Iron Ridge gets sent away but even that should be a concern till the court date because in total of all of them they add up to where we were with Hanover. I say just deal with them as they come but settle them as permenant as possible and SVFC will have a good chance this year. I'm long so the pump and dump underway does not interest me unless the stock is above a dollar.

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