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  • lajkp lajkp Jan 1, 2014 9:46 PM Flag

    New Year, It will recover??

    watch it ! To move forward 5cents

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    • Oh's recovering about as well as......
      an alcoholic going to rehab that's next to a liquor store lol

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      • The stock is on a Up trend right now. when a stock is on a uptrend meaning higher highs and higher lows you as a market player need to buy every decline. you action is to buy the dips. each new higher low is just merely a dip in a over all general uptrnd. now is the best time of today so far to buy becuase the Intra-Day stocastics have finally made a bullish crossover. by 4pm its possible a large group of bargain hunters will send the stock back up to unchanged. todays trading is nearly idential to December 31. only difference is the bottom was established at a higher price and also that the bottom came much earlier in the session. where as on the 31st the bottom was the final closing hour.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • Seeing as how the stock Rallied to a Intitial High of 35 micros and spent most of the day consolidating in a tight range. my guess is based on my experience as a trader i beilive that theres a possibility of the stock moving higher tommorow on January 3rd. it might be another Gap up or it might only rise a tiny bit. but at any rate it will need to at least touch 40 micros in order to be in recover mode as your asking about. the big Milestone here is 41 micros. the last time this price was traded was November 27th so if we get that tommorow even if it was just a intra-day high it would still mean the stock is the highest in more than 1 month. but in order for it to be highest in 2 months we will need to see 65 micors by the end of next week. this would of course we a very bullish move so this means that the stock is going to move much higher becuase all the extreme lows during the last week of December will be dismissed at just a period of Heightened Pessimisim with no bearing on the underlying fundamentals of the company which are slightly better than would be indicated by the prices below 20 micros which were absurdly low to begin with.

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