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  • rain0033 rain0033 Jan 17, 2014 7:51 PM Flag

    "SVFC" is the real deal....

    I have my several million shares and holding!
    "This Stock is just getting started."

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    • I also have several million shares of SVFC and will keep them for a while.

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    • I am long have already held this a long time. My only issue is with lack of communication from the company. Supposedly last summer they, Anna and The Doc said they had all kinds of positive PR's waiting. Some really good news and investors should do well. That was last July and then Hanover started unleashing shares, then Iron Ridge jumped in on top of that. Then they increased the A/S and said they were paying off all debts. Well now here we are well into the new year and our biggest PR has been that they won their legal battle against Iron Ridge and only had to pay off the debt they actually owed. So my question to the CEO is what are you gonna do? Where are the PR's have have been promised. If they are there, are you saving them for yourself when the even newer A/S increase happens in March? Do you have positive news, are you withholding it only to let your current investors weather the storm if they can afford it? Seems to be we are out here flagging in the wind, with potentially more shares coming that will make the situation tougher should more shares enter the market without substantial improvements and advances. I was for paying down debt but not without some positive PR for current investors. The only one winning in this current situation is the private company Regen that has had a huge influx of cash to boost its appearance, subsidize rent, upgrade sugical equipment and so on. All good as long as it advanced Intellicell, yet so far we have no PR to witness that. There are a lot of DD items on ihub that have merit, but for some reason none of those items have officailly been PR from the company. What gives Doctor Victor? are you building this company or positioning Regen? If your building Intellicell lets start seeing it.

    • I also have several million and will be adding more when funds clear (Wednesday) Don't let this consolidation scare you this is very healthy and we will move up from here after Wednesday :)

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    • It certainly is the real deal. and by that i mean this is one of the greatest and longest rallies iv ever seen a stock trading in the Sub pennies go through. currently on this uptrend the highest closing price as been $0.0077 set on January 31. and today on February 6th was the highest Low since these price levels. this indicates that the rallie's still has at least one more leg left and that is to at least get back to a close of 0.0077 or higher. if only gets another close in the high 70s then its just a Double top. But there's still a statistical probability that a brand new high could be set later on. The stock is still relatively cheap based on the value of property and plant and other assets that the underlieing company has on its books. some people in this forum have suggested that it would be more fairly valued at 1 or 2 cents a share. i feel strongly that this run is not over by a long shot. its true that there was a pullback from the highs of the 31st of January but you know what the experts do they buy on the dips.

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    • HUGE HUGE $$$$$$$$

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