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  • davidf104 davidf104 Jan 21, 2014 2:06 PM Flag

    First There Was FNMA

    Then there was Mary Jane & her 15 cousins
    Now there is SVFC

    Just don't be the last one standing when the music stops playing.

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    • On June 6th the stock price closed at $0.0039. This is one of the highest closes since the price last touched $0.0022 on May 22nd. The highest close so far on this move up was 0.0042 on June 4th. Strangely enough despite the impressive move out of the 0.0020s and briefly into the 0.0040s , the stock price has been fairly flat since January 21st with the stock price near a 4 and a half month low. and when January 21st came the stock was already at a 2 month high to begin with. but regardless with the stock price only making small moves up and down here and there and wanting to hang out near 0.0040 for much of the past 4 months it could be argued that this sets up nicely for stable trading patterns were a investor could be comfortable with buying at 0.0035 and only waiting a month or two to be able to sell at 0.0045. It does not seem that important to have a stable trading pattern but trust me for a stock trading in sub-penny land its greatly important for a stock to trade in a stable pattern and not go all over the place which would cause to many people to get scared out of the stock from all the crazy up and down moves.

    • On today the stock price traded at $0.0039. This was the lowest price traded since the day you began this post on January 21 ,2014. The low for January 21 was $0.0035. I seen some support today at 0.0037. im not sure if we go all the way back down to 0.0035. but irregardless Today on April 28th is now only just a higher Low going back to January 21. Good luck to all future SVFC traders. im not sure when its going to bounce but the stock is now at a 3 month low.

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