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  • surfntravel surfntravel Jan 22, 2014 7:10 PM Flag

    Company should have paid expenses by now and dilution needs to stop.

    It's great for flippers and lets face it a lot of penny messages are from flippers. It's embarrassing for the company to have a string of extremely high volume days closing in very meager gains and losses like today. The high volumes can not be sustained and then what? There is not a single word of encouraging news from the company in a recent time frame. The shorts are correct, self created hype based on old DD not even relevant to the current situation for all we know will not create lasting climbs. The Korea trip is nothing but a vacation without a company PR validating it as company related. You could draw some references in a situation where the company CEO was not running basically two separate entity's feeding from the same funding sources. Ours however seems to have two titles, SVFC and Regen. The waters get muddied there. What purchases promote the Intellicell business and what promotes Regen. Intellicell is a licensed process for carrying out a procedure. The Procedure itself would seem to be revenue of Regen. The CEO needs to be more vocal about the current situation with the company. The current debt, what was paid to who, what equipment has been purchased for the promotion of SVFC revenue and what has culminated in advancing Regen's business. I don't mind paying some bills with shares but I strongly disagree with advancing Regen's equipment needs if that were the case. We already subsidize rent there as I understand it.

    Intellicell supposedly has a years worth of organization built up, a partnership of Doctors, patents pending, yet the quiet in the form of PR's is calculated to let the weakened investors continue to give life blood to the company waiting for the right time and place to open the magic box of PR to again let the company capitalize.

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    • "It will all come together if your long on this stock." I can wait but If you want to make quick money buy huge and sell on the next spike........
      I do think the company is here to stay!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I have been in this company since the first month. This is much longer then I anticipated at least a reasonable pps would result. Average down from dollars to this is learning experience and not a pleasant one. Though I still believe in the science potential. Here is the thing, companies with the goods climb and climb and climb, if they have drawbacks they are small one. Flippers create stock pps collapses down here. I am looking for them to put together a real business. If they are for real I think it will show soon, and if not he could add investor issues to his list of dates to come. I don't plan to give them years to show a business here. I am waiting another month or two at most.. It doesn't have to be huge but it needs to be sustained and forward moving. There was a great opportunity lost here to create some real excitement. A new year, a reverse in PPS. and most importantly and what we have had only a scant amount of- PR news from the company CEO.

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