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  • toeinmouth toeinmouth Feb 2, 2014 3:13 PM Flag

    Must read

    All shareholders should read this to under where our stock will be in just 1 years time! Quote:

    First - we have a history with MERCK. Merck's subsidiary in Germany- Millipore did all the testing to verify that SVFC's Intellicell process is better than all others in THE WORLD. Our process does not use expensive enzymes (enzymes mostly purchased from Roche Laboratories (Liberase) by competitors) and our process is cheaper, faster and more effective. SVFC's Intellicell process yields 10 to 1000 times the cells of competitors. Our process is top in the world. So 1) Merck.

    Next: SVFC does NOT use enzymes (purchased from Roche Laboratories) This is a HUGE shift

    ...not only does SVFC's Intellicell process clear fda's minimal manipulation where others DO NOT but lets take another look at Roche. They sell the enzymes. SVFC does NOT use them....

    SVFC process is best.

    The FORMER PRESIDENT of Roche Laboratories (Billion Dollar Biotech) is now with SVFC!!!

    Myron Holubiak is his name and it spells $$$$$$$$$$

    This is why SVFC is making deals for lab placements in hospitals. HUGE BUCKS there. This plan WAS okay'd by FDA. They developed it WITH SVFC.

    Buyout of SVFC would allow Roche or Merck or Teva to do this on a very large scale!

    That is why I hope it turns into a partnership not buyout. Instead of .75-1.00 a share we would see multiple dollars.

    In several years double digit dollars! What is happening is HUGE. I am VERY EXCITED to be on the ground floor of this MIRACULOUS DEVELOPMENT in medicine...SVF treatment.

    The fastest growing most revolutionary shift we have seen in medicine in decades!

    SVFC labs and SVFC technicians (in the hospital) will process SVF cells for surgeons. SVFC undisputedly has the #1 process in the world. As SVF treatment grows exponentially (the fastest growing sector in medicine) there could be a lab in every hospital across the country.

    THIS is why a huge biotech with huge capital is in buyout talks with SVFC. They have the cash to implement such a large scale plan.

    Intellicell is going to become a household name!!


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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