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  • toeinmouth toeinmouth Feb 2, 2014 3:38 PM Flag

    Float lock down

    There were many excellent questions, please allow me to elaborate...

    The FLD (Float Lock Down) caused the FTD (Failure To Deliver). In other words, they're both "interconnected!"

    When we buy and hold a stock, we're taking shares out of the market and in that process we reduce the float (the number of shares that are actually available for trading, not counting any restricted shares). When we have effectively bought all of the stock (SVFC) that is practically available for trading, it's called: “Float Lock Down.”

    Any shares purchased after all the (SVFC) stock is sold-out, causes the market makers to sell shares that they don't have! So they must either borrow shares to sell short or they naked short (sell shares that do not exist).

    For example, stocks bought and sold in a transaction must be settled within 3 days. Obviously, the buyer must deliver the cash and the seller must give him the stock. But, if either party doesn't meet their obligation within 3 days, a FTD (Failure To Deliver) takes place. THIS PRIMARILY HAPPENS IN A SHORT SALE OR NAKED SHORT (see above).

    The FTD (Failure To Deliver) "threshold point" was exceeded on Friday, January 31, 20014 due to the FLD (Float Lock Down). In simple terms, everyone on our buy-and-hold list, caused the FLD! ***THIS IS GOOD NEWS! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF US ON THE SHARE-COUNT LIST!***

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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