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  • flourface flourface Feb 5, 2014 3:15 PM Flag

    LOOK OUT when this finally starts to run



    cannot wait


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    • This stock has entered into ints 4th Week of consolidation. Its my Understanding that this 4th week will be a up week. The stock is going to make some sort of re-tracement up. My outlook is that the stock will close anywhere from 0.006 to 0.007 on February 28th. either of these moves would be a welcome from the down weeks we have been having. this past week SVFC only close down 2% it went from 0.0054 to 0.0053 for the week. this week did not hurt my acount very much i managed to make up for this loss in SVFC and off set it with in gains from other stocks i traded this week. In after hours on Friday the stock price fell to 0.0052 and traded as high as 0.0061 for most of the Extended hours session , only to close the after hours at the 0.0053 price. Also there was a very large buy order at that 0.0061 price it was well over 300,000 shares of buying pressure. This past week missed closing at unchanged or a gain by just a hair the stock was as high as 0.0057 only a few minutes before the close it could have been up this would have been nearly 5% up for the week. this alone should be proff that the down moving part of this consolidation is now over and now we begin the up moving part of this consolidation. next week will be a up move. but its my understanding that the first week of March will also need to be a up moving week in order for the stock to break out back to the former high of 0.0077 or even move on to brand new highs.

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    • STILL have HIGH expectations for this - holding strong because the next BIG RUN will be a jaw-dropper

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    • tmrw the run begins

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    • Its begun to Run Again The price is moving up right now in extended hours trading the price right now is 0.0063. it was as high as 0.0065. if the Extended hours trading continues its safe to say that The stock is going to have a Gap Up in price Tomorrow on February 7th.

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