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  • micheleajms micheleajms Feb 11, 2014 9:35 PM Flag

    How about some truth now

    I am the MS person that has been written about. I have followed this message board for a while since a friend brought it to my attention. I had stem cell therapy with Dr Victor starting in 2011. I have 4 children . I was diagnosed in with MS in 2006, my first symptoms appeared in 2000/01, I used to run 3-6 miles a day I was a track coach. I started getting numbness, Doctors said I was too athletic, I started having bladder problems Doctors said I had too many children, I started going blind in my right eye, Doctors said it was from a car accident in 1994. my symptoms would come and go except the blindness it kept getting worse. I collapsed in the street while jogging in 2006 lost the whole right side of my body and was finally diagnosed. they said they were sorry I was stage 4 theres no stage 5. and nicely gave my husband and I nursing home pamplets. the next few years were a nightmare the MS had taken control I would stop breathing daily, I went deaf in my left ear my right arm and hand were curled up and useless. I had a chunk now missing from my right calf and the atrophy became so bad my legs were 2 3/4 inches difference in size. I lived like a bat. all my shoes had holes in the front on the right foot because it dragged behind me, My bladder had a mind of its own I couldn't barely speak coherently. I constantly had aspiration pneumonia and had a mass in my right lung. I would collapse after a few minutes in the sun and so so on. I wasn't a Mother or a Wife anymore. I fought as hard as I could but MS has no mercy. I just went with the motions of waiting. Then I found Dr. Victor , he was still in the old office. I haunted him for a bit and he agreed to do stem cell therapy on me that was July 2011,. In September 2011 I was at the table and my foot started tapping to a song on the radio, I didn't notice my husband freaked. I went back to the gym lifted 0lbs but I knew the stem cells needed signals to repair. went back for 2nd stem cell therapy

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    • WOW!!! "Thank you for sharing your experience."

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • FAKE.

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      • I so wish everyday that the last decade of my life was fake, usually I say a bad dream, I would give everything to relive the years I lost the memories I don't have with my kids and the suffering my husband has gone through quietly. My kids won't have memories of vacations , we had to sell everything we had. So if you think that my above post is for money and a stock price , if you are capable of believing that a person exists to just help guide a stock price, my heart hurts for you. I wanted to tell my story because Dr Victor gave me my life back, I was not suppose to be here. I hope you get or make all the money you wish for, but don't try to diminish what stem cells has given me for a dollar amount

    • story I get nothing out of it. I just though you guys needed some insight. I have sent many people to him and not just with MS. Dr Victor gave me my life back stem cells repair , they wont and don't cure MS , I could get an attac at any time, but I go 3 hours everyday to the gym, because I can. The nursing home flyers , still have them but they are a push , my MRI's show my repairs, my neuro so does not like to admit it . so there you guys go..

    • Thank you so much for sharing. Your story moves me as a human and as an investor. I will pray for your health and happiness and I will buy more stock tomorrow. I am so happy you found Dr. Victor.

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    • In November 2011 , all of a sudden I heard my husband screaming at the Jets. during this time Dr. Victor was working with the FDA, Not like some of my MS friends who went to back door clinics , my doc followed every rule, he did it right. the Pharmas did not like that , they do not want you to go to your neuros office and instead of taking some million dollar drug he tells you to use your fat and get stem cells. BTW my MS drugs are $68,000 per year then add in the spasm drugs nervepain drugs, bladder drugs, numbness drugs etc, that's their pocketbook, they fought Dr Victor took a lot of #$%$.Yet he followed the rules because unlike other Doctors getting into stem cells for the quick money before they get caught , he has heart Anna has heart, unless you meet them you wont get it.

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      • So I had another stem cell treatment in March of 2012, by now I was able to brush my own teeth tie my own shoes and the chunk in my calf was filling in, stem cells were injected into it and my hamstring, I held a brush I could speak , I do ramble now because of the years the MS wouldn't let the words match up with my thoughts, funny my husband calls them the good ole days lol. I saw one of my boys play baseball in the hot sun the whole game, I heard one of the Mothers whisper, Oh I didn't know he had a Mother, felt like hitting her but I smiled and my son smiled at me at bat instead of telling me how the gamewas when he got home. so I don't bore you, I had 2 more therapys I am equal on both legs same size no missing pieces, Im up to 65lbs on leg lifts , my arms are equal and like to say this,,cut, I can go shopping, I can get a tan line, I got some vision back but suffered a lot of axonal damage where the nerves were severed. I still have a bit of a limp, but I walk like you people just look like I have a hamstring injury. I last 40 minutes on the elliptical . I go to all my boys games even in the cold. I know this is all about stock price, which I cannot comment on because owning it might be a conflict of interest since I send so many people to him.. But this is my testament , Dr Victor is heart. he is following the rules, that's why hes here in the US aurnd not in another country. He believes in helping first and his office takes the whole floor . There are many that want him to fail and they are trying their hardest but he wont.
        stem cell therapy will take billions out of companies pockets, they don't want that..the NMSS is working with pharmas on new drugs worth billions with patents going to 2024 they don't want my people off drugs. they would be out of a job.. I just commenting here because have patience walk away for a couple of months hes doing the right thing. I am hoping to go back in March if my tax return cooperates.. This is just an

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