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  • thegaminginvestor thegaminginvestor Feb 13, 2014 4:46 PM Flag

    Gonna bet the farm here!

    Millionaire or bust! I'm losing my shirt or gaining 100,000 new ones!

    Let's go SVFC! Up 15% on no news and more to come Friday!

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    • You sold out yesterday? I am holding all mine and maybe even adding a little today. I took profit once a while back but put it right back in. Still long.

    • SVFC closed Fridays Extended Hours trading at 0.0061 the stock added 16% in gains after the close. To put this in perspective the last time SVFC had a After market close that the stock held onto by the 8PM extended hours trading was January 17th with the share price closing in the 30 micro area with a daily high just above 40 something micros. And on the very next day the stock moved up nearly 100% to close nearly to 70 micros. Im not sure if SVFC is going to move up 100% tomorrow but clearly its heading higher on Monday. because January 17th was the very last time that the stock had a big bounce in after hours trading. Im not sure how high we are heading but in light of finding out that after hours did in fact close at 0.0061 i have decided to raise my forward guidance for the week from between 60 and 70 micros by end feb 28 to a new guidance of 67 and 77 micros.

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    • New article on small cap network - david brewer

      Here is an OTCQB (Not Pink!) stock that could literally make you wealthy overnight. It is a sub-penny stock that refuses to die. According to Google Finance, it was trading in the sub-penny range in May of 2011. The stock then traded up as high as $4.80 by October of 2011. Do the math. If you had bought at the May 2011 low, and then sold at the October 2011 high, you would have earned a R.O.I. of nearly 69,000%! I know that sounds like pie in the sky... but it has already happened once. I think it is worth buying a million or so shares and holding for a while at the current price level. This stock is a bona fide lightning rod… and I am betting that lightning will strike

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    • Hey, I'm with you guys, I just hope it doesn't rip us a new one...I could use a bunch of new shirts...

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    • I'm not betting the farm but I am going long and strong and increasing my shares regularly. In fact, I am going to put some each month into my IRA account. In ten years this will be HUGE. GLTA

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