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  • micheleajms micheleajms Feb 14, 2014 11:30 AM Flag

    gaming investor

    not sure how your message boards work ,, but wanted to respond to your interview me to pump stock statement .. so I answered but cant find it so am reposting with new topic.. honestly don't know how you guys do this all day and keep up with the responses. here you go

    micheleajms • 32 minutes ago Remove

    gaminginvestor, just saw this, no you will not interview me to pump a stock so you can make money. Will you donate the money so some MS people can get back some quality of life back ? Insurance doesn't cover stem cell therapy , only drugs. I did not have fundraisers , we literally sold everything we had and gave up plenty. I was one of the lucky ones. Think me fake or whatever. I wanted to tell some of my story so you understand what a amazing person Dr Victor is. He took a chance on me, I should be in a diaper in a nursing home, not going to the gym shopping going up and down the stairs with laundry baskets etc.. Stem cell therapy has helped so many of my friends , it would bring you to tears, then maybe not, but he his going against pharmas pocketbooks, summer houses trophy wife's etc.. the CEO of teva got a 650 million bonus, they are the makers of copaxone the biggest well most popular MS drug. he doesn't want to give that up. Its a battle and many Neuros are owned by pharmas, every time I go to mine there are so many drug people there with cakes and heros and such... Doctor Victor is a great man with heart, I believe there are a lot of moles doing what they can to make him fail. But watch, he follows whatever the FDA says , even if its ridiculous. He will persevere, not for enough money to buy an island, but because what he has seen, the results , so have patience , 3 years again I typed with one finger on my left hand , now this took me 2 minutes. Good luck to you , I just hope one day you can see what stem cell therapy has done for so many Less

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    • Mostly wanted to get your story out there, not going to sit here and tell you I didn't have dollar signs on my mind though. Either way thanks for responding, I don't check this often so I didn't see it. Prayers up to you m'aam - good luck to us all.

    • I have been touting the stock and the technology. It is important to understand that even great ideas and therapeutic interventions will have limited availability when public and payer awareness and acceptance are minimal.

      If you have benefitted from the procedure please get the word out. I contacted a national MS society and hope there will be confirmatory studies and case reports published so that if indeed these procedures help, their availability can be expanded.

      And of course that won't hurt the stock price. It's great that people who have truly benefitted can come forward since nothing is published yet.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • gf995 contacting the NMSS don't bother, there are 2 -3 presidents per chapter, ours here makes $496,000 per year,plus perks. the bike a thons made $137,000, they are funded by Pharmas, they are involved with the drug trials going to 2024 worth billions. they have amazing benefits and pensions. Only newly diagnosed go to the NMSS for help which they don't get. Others like myself learned . their convention a year ago was in Hawaii, imagine that. a MS friend needed a ramp he was trapped in his house for months they didn't help I eventually contacted his legislature and he had a carpenters union do it.. they push drugs , they do not care if a side effect is death. The shoes our president had on one time could have paid for 2 stem cell therapies. I and many others tell the newbie's to raise money for themselves not for them. they are a business period. they are funding stem cell trials that will go on way past 2020, a lot of MS people wont make it that long. they milk everything for as long as they can. look up their trials, a new one worth 3/4 million dollars is for MS and depression. yes we are depressed, any one of us can tell you that. I want to run again and dance, not that Im not happy with the repair's I have, I am. I have too much axonal damage , from when the MS had complete control of my body and attacked the same nerves over and over until they severed. I am hoping that some of the black holes I have will reroute after my next stem cell therapy, who knows. But the NMSS no if there was a polio society we would all have polio.

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