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  • thegaminginvestor thegaminginvestor Feb 16, 2014 10:50 PM Flag

    Maximize your share count by Friday. It's COMING.


    Bashers have nothing to say. News coming as soon as Tuesday as late as Friday. This is the final time you will be able to load at these prices. I'm backing the truck up on Friday.

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    • i agree with you. I decided to add to this position. I bought at 55 micros on the big spike that happened on February 19th. By February 21 the price had slumped to 47 micros. after that there was a late session rally and Friday ended on a positive note. My acount gained for last week despite buying into SVFC at 55 micros and watching it slump. My outlook on next week is the same that you have User thegaminginvestor me and you both think this past might have been the final week that prices will have traded under 50 micros. i know that that is not saying much. but imagine the upside of next week if the low of the week is only going to be 50 or 51 micros this clearly means that at some point the price is going to touch 65 micros as a high seeing as the high of last week was only 0.0061. If we get another one of them 100 million share days and 75% of that volume is buying at the ask then the stock could even trade as high at 70 micros on that very day. But unfortunately every time we had 100 million share volumes it was never 75% buying at the ask in fact the ratio was probably 45% buying at the ask with the stock barely managing to close up. But the future is yet to be written. this means that there is a first time for every thing even for this stock to have above average buying at the ask.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Where did you hear news was coming? or are you speculating?

    • beep beep beep

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