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  • jimjoregon jimjoregon Feb 20, 2014 1:54 AM Flag

    We touched .0058 today on very great volume of 73 million shares traded.

    and don't forget that this stock has a 52 week high of .40 and is climbing up again. GLTA. Long may you run. JimJ

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    • I remember that day. that was February 19th. i seen the hugh spike up in price and felt that it might edge lower and i knew that i could not afford to buy at 58. and i already held a large position so i knew that with each tick lower i was losing more cash. i just was not sure where it would be best to provide additional liquidity so i randomly came up with 55 micros. this was a big mistake had i known that i could have bought at 49 micros on February 21 im not sure if i would have been so greedy. but i had been planing on shoreing this SVFC thing up for like a week or two so i got so impatient and knew i needed to act fast in order to make sure that this SVFC position was adequately capitalized to enter the last week of February. all in all im happy with the way i traded last week. even though did terrible in SVFC my other stocks did very well and over all i grew last week. im just happy that that 58 price resistance did temporarily get broken on Friday even if it was only temporarily.

    • That resistance of 58 micros held all day today. there was only one 30 minute candle in which it was broken. and the stock hit a high of 0.0061. Coincidentally the after hours price right now is also 0.0061 so it looks to me that the consolidation has entered its last phase and that the move back up to prices before the consolidation began . most of next week is going to be a move higher. Its possible that the stock price could touch former resistance of 66 micros possibly go much higher. if we consider that this was a 3 week consolidation it seems very likely that the stock price is eventually going to close at 70 micros and then eventually trade at a brand new high and see 100 micros which is 1 cent per share. if we had 3 weeks down then its reasonable to think that 2 weeks of moving up can send this stock back to at least 70 micros or 80 micros by the end of the first week of March. at any rate this is a big 50% up move that is going to happen.

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    • according to yahoo user surfintravel we can all relax this company is intrinsically worth at least 0.0125 per share in its price per share (PPS).

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      • I seen the intrinsic worth of SPLI go all the way up to its intrinsic Price of 0.03125 and beyond a few sessions ago. but i sold for only a 200 dollar profit at 0.0028. I had no idea that it was possible for stocks to rally all the way back up. i totally goofed on this trade. i had made my self breakeven in price on a stock that was originally worth 12 dollars a share several years ago. it was worth billions in its share price. but in real life the company is now only worth 8 million plus future growth. If Surfintravel thinks the true worth of this company should be much higher then i believe it because i have seen it happen. over the long term SVFC is heading back to 20 cents a share.

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