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  • surfntravel surfntravel Feb 24, 2014 4:05 PM Flag


    Was going to add at .006 but didn't fill at end of day. Some EOD fluff ask hits kept it at .0061 .0062 but will see tomorrow. I really have enough shares but will add if it seems right. Unless of course if there is no PR by Thursday, Then Friday will be interesting.

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    • At the close yesterday i seen a few million shares for support at 0.0060 but when today came much of this support was not there to be found. So the people that were willing to by there must have decided to buy other stocks instead. so because the support was not there at 0.006 when it needed to be there, the bottom fell out of the stock and the price did not find support again until it hit 0.0053. So far the stock has been bouncing back for the rest of the day. It would be nice if the price could at least close at 0.006 for the day and only be down 2 micros for today's session. Im not sure why the stock fell today it looked like the stock was trying to make a run up in price yesterday the stock was up everyone was feeling good then a wave of selling came out of no where.

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      • I had buy order in for .0057 but then retracted it because I sensed the tone of Ihub had changed. I put in a low order for .005 but was not filled for some reason but did get shares at .0053 and .0055. I am second guessing myself on the timing. I should have waited to see how the next day or so goes. Company is not helping investors with silence though I am sure they have a plan. Its just their plan and investor hopes are not always the same. So I have decided to watch tomorrow and may or may not sell off half my stake. My real guess was that PR would kick in by tomorrow afternoon for a big day Thursday and maybe into Friday.. I also expected support would at least hold today but it didn't. Had another stock in mind this morning didn't get in so I could add. That stock was up 55% when I last looked. Oh well. My guess is Ihub can exert the same pressure as an MM through its connections and groups. Seems a posse decided to short the stock today to topple it back down for a buy in. Don't underestimate the collected force of manipulation from those groups there.

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