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  • surfntravel surfntravel Mar 11, 2014 11:11 AM Flag

    Think the company is dumping all over us today. Dilution

    No way we account for this ratio of selling when there was supposedly positive PR on the way. No reason for profit taking. This is the company.

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    • Understood there is a group at Ihub that admit to buying accumulation yesterday and dumping today. However if the company did not sell a share today, it would be hard for them to incite the fear they needed to succeed.

    • make no mistake there was definite profit taking tho

    • agreed... false pump followed by flood of shares... wish they'd hurry up their set up and then light the #$%$ fuse already

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      • Well if they are selling shares I will not remain longer then through March. The lack of open communication is starting to wear on me. The Doc has a swanky digs, Regen is in high rent district, all a great face for the company if they start showing progress. Dangling the hint of progress out there while they continue to sell shares is a no go for me past March. Then it becomes a lot about nothing and capital structure like that with no revenue showing will limit us. I don't believe for a moment there is no revenue, in fact I believe there has been substantial revenue growth, problem is showing it on Intellicell rather then somewhere else. A lot of today's volume was a severe short onslaught from those who accumulated yesterday at the start of the morning and timed throughout the day. Complete manipulation by our network of IHUB. Even saw some post bragging of a group ponying and pooling shares to drive the pps down. That said I think there are newly minted SVFC shares that much be trickling in that flow IMO. That's when you unplug and look for price support. not sure it happened. Biggest thing lately is a complete lack of PR to support.

      • Hello out there? Wonder why the call it a 'pump and dump'? Today's action is the answer.

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