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  • surfntravel surfntravel Mar 14, 2014 11:17 AM Flag

    Assembled the masses, now they are loitering around, some leaving frustrated no speech was given.

    Throw out a PR with no well written vision, everyone cheered, at the person involved, but not willing to sustain a drive up based on that alone. Company is still raising some cash it would seem but this was not the PR to do that on. International patent maybe but not a name drop PR. Even then you have to let pps get healthier for investors then equate it out. We have a big A/S to balance all investment against, if float is still increasing we have that to come to terms with for potential future gains. I understand you don't look at pps everyday, but that said it drives your ability to build out and there is the potential to limit yourself long term by exhausting its value to rapidly. We need a CFO that will be frugal with capital but not bungle debt so that investors pay for all the many mistakes. Initial failure to prepare for SPC lab compliance caused share value drop, Hanover caused drop, Iron Ridge caused drop, the many notes not paid caused drop, and all required repayment at ridicules terms. All the money taken in on those convertible notes, paid what expenses? The Doctor seems like a great guy, Himself and Anna big hearted people but that said sometime people lose consideration of where the investment money comes from. It's a great advance in medical treatment, it needs to be an option, but this company is Intellicell and its needs to be about creating revenue streams for Intellicell not propping up a medical facility. I am in but if things do not start to materialize myself and a few others may be the only audience left to listen whe they finally get around to,laying out the details of the company vision.

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    • Does this mean you changed your stance and are going to stay longer than the end of the month? My plans on styaing depends on what happens in the next few weeks.

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      • SVFC is not a short term play. It's really a development stage company with lots of promise. Now that Jim Andrews has signed on, SVFC is worth holding on to for a yr or two.

        All Biotechs have the same problem - they need to publish clinical results, show patents, start producing revenue, or get bought out. SVFC is better seen as a development stage company until the patent decision is made. And patent decisions are very very slow processes. Especially when so many other folks are studying stem cells.

        Jim Andrews is the most accomplished, famous, and sought after sports orthopedist in the world. He's also most likely already very well off and revered around the country. As far as I know, this is the only biotech company with whom he has an association.

        SVFC is the only 00 stock that I have that is better seen as an investment now, rather than a trade.

        I'm only an amateur penny investor but if you're looking to trade and make a quick buck, you're probably better off in other plays like VOIS, QUTR, AEGY, XXII.

        Long MCIG, ECIG, GLLA, SPLI, XXII.

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