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  • toeinmouth toeinmouth Mar 19, 2014 5:32 PM Flag

    It all starts tomorrow!

    the pps should start to move up tomorrow. The shorts have been covering and changing their short positions to long positions over the last few days. Tomorrow we should see a move up to .0065/.007 and Friday we continue the move up through .008. but that is just the start! The first part of next is looking to be very promising! I see a move through the 200dma (.0145) and then some before a small pull back to the 200dma witch will become support. We should consolidate for a week or two before the next buy signal, the GOLDEN CROSS!!!

    This is just my opinion

    good luck and GO SVFC

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • This is the bottom!!!!!!!!!! You guys aren't going to beilive this. I cant now buy shares in the low 50s micros. Unfortunately i cant buy because im trapped in SANP. So im i get a rally on SANP ill buy into SVFC for 61 micros which is about 20% bounce from here after commissions. 22% bounce before commissions. But regardless i will have to buy in at 61 micros. because ill want to make that 100% bounce when the stock price makes a double top or a brand new high. Good luck to all (GLTA) and hold for gold and let profit be with you Amen.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I agree with you toeinmouth. a new rally in SVFC will begin tomorrow. Im not sure how high SVFC will go tomorrow but right now the sentiment is clearly that SVFC is heading higher. My own personal Expectation is that we close this month back above a penny a share. but as you know we just got though a 6 week consolidation so its possible that a mega big rally could come .and by that i mean were we get two or three 50% up days back to back and the stock makes a new recovery high for this uptrend. I rate as Strong buy at current price below 60 micros. and at 60 to 65 micros i only rate as regular buy.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • toejam, based on your I-Flub posts i think you are that joker Lee13 banned for life over there for your fraudulent pumping of this p.o.s. incessantly.

      this is a trading stock and longs of any duration are well underwater.

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