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  • surfntravel surfntravel Apr 14, 2014 4:10 PM Flag

    To much scummy manipulation with this stock

    It almost predictable, let it go up one day very modest and take it way down the next few days. PR fluff, nothing to make it go.

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    • It did shoot up to 0.0067 today and the last run up session it climbed up nice. The shorts made their cash today and now they can go on the uptrend now and make more $$$ Again. That 0.1 cents + is going to come soon.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • @surfntravel - I am going to agree with Blueeyesjohnny on this one. He is right SVFC did reach a new one week high today at the price of 0.0067. yesterday on Friday the stock's high was 0.0064 where as today on Monday the high was slightly higher. despite the stock pulling back to the asking price of 0.0056 at the close this is till a higher price then when this run began at 0.0053 on Friday. Surfntravel this is not a new downtrend the stock is only pullback today this means that tomorrow on Tuesday its very possible that the stock will go well into the 0.0070s per share. You know what they say its not over till a fat lady sings. The stock will eventually trade above 1 cent again we just got to give it another few weeks.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • The thing with this stock is its either solid red or weak end of day paint job green after having spent most of the day down 80-90 % of the time. Even on stronger green days the selling barrage holds it tight. Without those paint job endings the chart would show so many red days you would puke.
        Like I said I sold half but will give it a bit longer to uptrend if its going too. Otherwise I am tired of the same old story.

      • Nope I think Ihub owns this one and its not getting free. I doubt it ever sees a penny again.

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