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  • yousef_razzaq Apr 15, 2014 11:41 AM Flag

    Share price is not falling because of SVFC's true worth

    Share price is simply falling because the whole markets and BIO-TECH industry specifically are seeing sell-offs and manipulation. If you look at any BioTech company right now, ATHX, IDRA, GALE, etc... They are all down for the last week or two.

    SVFC has done extremely well through these tough conditions.

    Have a look at the $NBI index chart. You will see that the 200 day MA support was broken and buyers need to pressure shorts into covering their shares so that the bullish trend continues This also applies to Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and most indexes.

    Hold on to your shares if you're SVFC long, because this one is a diamond in the rough at these prices.

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    • Hey yousef_Razzaq I bought back into SVFC on friday at 0.0053. I got a great deal i thought i was going to have to pay 0.0061 but actually i was able to sell just a small part of my SANP at profit so i did like you told me to and i bought back my position in SVFC. but im still holding alot of SANP and i need to sell more of it but that position is only break even at 0.0034 so i cant buy any more of SVFC till i get that SANP sold out. so i just wanted to let you know that now im a holder of SVFC. and now im "no longer playing with fire" by not being a holder of SVFC. I really think that eventually SVFC will trade above a penny. im just excited about this company.

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    • You wrote: "the 200 day MA support was broken and buyers need to pressure shorts into covering their shares so that the bullish trend continues"

      How can buyers do that? Unless I am misunderstanding you.

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      • yousef_razzaq Apr 15, 2014 2:16 PM Flag

        When I said Buyers, I meant to say investors who take long positions. They can do that by holding onto their shares and being patient as this is just a typical pullback in all the major indexes. Once shorts feel like there are no more sellers, then they will cover their positions and go long because it will be more profitable for them in the longer run.

    • The value is what someone is willing to pay. This stock had been a real let down. Peep buying millions of shares at .005 and lower will be the resistance to seeing .007 again.

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      • I am starting to feel that way, too. I think that it would help a whole lot if the doc or somebody at Intellicell would make some kind of statement to the shareholders. Everybody is wanting to know what the outcome of the lawsuit with IR. Heck, even a status update would be really nice. It would also be nice to hear a status update on the international patent. At this point, I think that a whole lot of people, myself included, would sell half or more of our shares if it ever reaches the penny level again.

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