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  • athec_99 athec_99 Apr 25, 2014 1:35 PM Flag

    Floorless convertible debenture
    For anyone that wants to know. This is the type of financing that Dr. LookGood arranged for SVFC last month.
    Other names for it: ratchet convertible, toxic convertible, and death-spiral convertible

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    • Oh dear god give us your address on that hopeless pitiful cardboard sign your holding on the corner so we can mail you a few bucks to quit your sniveling begging here. Your embarrassing yourself, everyone knows your a short hoping to scare someone into throwing you some scraps of discarded food shares that you can eat without having a job. Do a trick, put on a performance don't just stand here begging every day.

    • Definition (according to NASDAQ):

      Used by companies that are in such bad shape that there is no other way to get financing. This instrument is similar to a convertible bond, but convertible at a discount to the share price at issuance and for a fixed dollar amount rather than a specific number of shares. The further the stock falls, the more shares you get. Popular in the mid to late 1990s. Also known as toxic convertibles or death spiral convertibles.

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      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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