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  • surfntravel surfntravel Apr 27, 2014 10:41 AM Flag

    The biggest sign that this could make a huge move up in the next couple days

    Shorts are working the message boards on Saturday and Sunday tying to bash the stock. Never have I seen some of these short in a frenzy like this getting up early on a Sunday morning. Tells me that this may well explode to the upside leaving a few shorts in hock. Always know that the only payment for negative posts is shorting the stock and the only way a short makes money is by driving the PPS down through fear mongering. That is the shorts downward deflation so that they can profit. There is no pump on this board but there is a person that makes his living driving the pps down on this particular stock. When he is done here it will be the same MO on another stock position. There are worse positions with more debt, try PEII or some other pink that has more AS more dilution, more debt but nope someone decided to make a living shorting here. Its in the CEO's hands what happens here this week. A fliling and news and this could drive a short #$%$.

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    • I've been a fan of this stock since I first bought at .004. My average is now at .0027. But I have to say that I honestly don't think that we can blame those people who are shorting this stock for all of its problems. The Dr. has shown to really suck at being a CEO. They missed the latest 10K after filing for a 15 day extension and now they are way past that date. I honestly have to say that they appear to have shot themselves in the foot (or maybe the head) by getting into business with YA, another toxic financier; you would have thought that they would have learned their lesson after the iron ridge fiasco. I still have 1.3 million shares and at this point I think I should have sold when they were at a penny, about a month ago. I still believe in the science, but the management team sucks beyond belief. I hope and pray that I am wrong about everything I have just said. Please prove me wrong, Dr. Victor. PLEASE!

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