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  • jpl737 jpl737 May 7, 2014 3:45 PM Flag

    Looks to me,It start reversing the downtrend. Load the boat$$$

    Nice Volume and pps action

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    • A new low was traded a little over a week ago. The low was $0.0022. This week has seen the lowest prices since January 15th. After this the high was $0.0031 traded on May 29th. but unfortunately the stock closed at $0.0030 instead forming a Doji trading pattern. Had the stock been able to close at $0.0031 today this would have formed a green hammer rather then a Doji and this would have signaled that there is a reversal next week. Over all i think the price is heading back up to 1 cent from here. Thing is its going to take a month or two for the price to bounce all the back back up to 1 cent so people who buy now and just ride it out for several week and only check there investment once a day at the end of the day each day and decide to sell in July or August will be able to sell at 1 cent and make a big killing. Investors who buy at 1 cent a few months from now might even make a killing once the price goes to a brand new high of 2 cents by January of 2015.

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    • It is starting to reverse the downtrend but its a little bit like a big ship turning slowly in the water. On May 5th the stock put in a brand new low of $0.0036. then on May 7th you made this post and the stock closed that day at $0.0046. The stock reached $0.0047 the next day and then the stock began a 2 session pullback and set up its first higher low since bottoming on May 5th. the higher low today was $0.0037 and then the stock closed at $0.0040 on up about 11% since $0.0036 pm May 5th.

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