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  • blueeyesjohnny blueeyesjohnny May 12, 2014 7:40 PM Flag

    Will SVFC do a turnaround on the UP?

    We are now down to 0.0034 as of 05/12/2014. Will it go back up to around the 40's, if so when? Also, Is there any good news hanging in the pipe for SVFC?

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    • Stock hit a new Higher Low today. The last higher low was $0.0034 traded on June 5th. the higher low that was traded today on June 10th was $0.0035. But i don't think we are out of the woods yet and that we might see $0.0035 again.

    • This week on May 19th the stock traded a brand new low. The new low now stands at $0.0022. This is the lowest price traded since January 15th. SVFC stock right now it is a little over a 4 month low. I stand by what i said the on Monday that going back to the $0.0040s will take another week or two. If this low of 0.0022 stands as the lowest price and does not get traded again next week then this is the moment you have been waiting for these past few weeks. this is the moment we say now that the bottom is in its time to consider the long side of this consolidation as the stock begins to have a green shoot that will eventually lead to a reversal that will stand for a month or longer and people will buy and keep buying and eventually by the end of the year the stock will see a new high for the year 2 cents or 3 cents or where ever the stock wants to get to on its way up to a new high. but right now is that pivotal moment when we stop putting in lower lows and coming precariously close to giving up all gains since December.

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    • All the news has been good the last few months. Dr. Andrews is involved, now a former NFL QB is signed up.
      This is just May selling.

      I'm still long SVFC. Patent process and switch to revenue generation is taking a long time, but that is in part due to a dermatologist CEO who doesn't have the know how.

      This is my only real long term penny play. Andrews doesn't have to get involved with anything and SVFC has enough potential to explode with even one patent and one positive peer reviewed article.

      Victor should probably step aside in the next year to allow for a business person to move the company to the next stage. Stem cell extraction is crucial and if the procedure catches on outside the U.S. there will be profit.

      Quick buck flippers are getting out before summer. This is a good buying oppy, and i'll be buying more when it drops further. LONG - SVFC QUTR MCIG VOIS

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    • Not until after Friday. you can load up on any given price here for the rest of the week but we cant break out past 0.0040 until after Monday gets here. You should try to study up better on how to trade the Stochastic indicators and moving averages. this thing wont reverse for at least a week or two. we hit a lowest price since January 17th ,2014 today. so even if this remains the primary low for the next few months the secondary low will need to be much higher then the current price in the months to come. but you got to have brass balls in order to think that you can buy now at this price get as high as $0.0050 and with stand a correction back to $0.0043 and then continue holding until the stock goes back to the traditional (since mid February) resistance of $0.0072. If you buy now your going to be set up great in the long term say by June or July but only just as long as this today's Low of 0.0031 remains as the Primary Low since the above 1 penny prices 9 weeks ago. Keeping $0.0031 as the primary low should be your main price you need to see hold if you want to bet on a reversal.

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