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  • athec_99 athec_99 May 20, 2014 9:15 AM Flag

    "Interesting to see what becomes of them and all these malicious posts in court"

    Shining the light on the biggest hypocrite of these boards, surfy's comments from another board: "Sure looks like they pulled the rug out from under you and let you take the fall. Looks like a SCAM with the company taking the PPS down." But your darling clementine, Dr Botox, doesn't deserve the same criticism? Explain yourself now, hypocrite!

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    • Looks like the stock was miraculously saved. The stock never traded the $0.0021 price. The stock is now at unchanged for the day at $0.0025 a share. we got a really nice green colored hammer on the daily time period for today so far. Stock price is at 0.0027 right now with heavy resistance. I did see 0.0028 but it never got any takers. it wold have been interesting if a large holder that owned 500000 shares bought 1,000 shares at 0.0028 just to have its stock grow by 50 dollars more in value. minus a commission to do so.

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    • Ultimately I do not agree with athec_99's position on this company, but I do appreciate the points he/she brings up to make me think about other aspects of the company. End of the day I feel this is a real long shot, but at this price it is one I am willing to take a chance on.

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      • It is a long shot, But I took the same long shot on AMBS two years ago at .0079, If SVFC can stay above water for another year think it will also be a classic, only time will tell.

      • @jaxchase- Athec_99's -Position is that the underlining company of SVFC or Intelicel Bio-science is going to go bankrupt some day. Athec never really gives a exact date of this prediction. saying things similar to like "could be end of year or 2 or 3 year years later but some day". Now my take on the company on the other hand is that although going forward ,and bankruptcy are both due concerns i still feel that the stock is in a nice trade-able bottom you could buy at 0.0035 and sell at 0.0041 a weeks later. i know that all this company finance stuff will get taken care of and the bankruptcy is still a long way off but there can still be money made in SVFC on the long side. and once a new recovery high of 0.0045 is made then it could pull back to 0.0035 again but hey the short sellers have to trade SVFC as well. If there using a off shore broker like Suretrader but for most people shorting OTC stocks is not aloud. If theres money to be made in the stock then the underlining cant be in as much of a problem as Athec_99 thinks it is.

      • Just so long as you know the all athec post are dipped in the poison pen of being sued by SVFC. Keep watching to see how he fares with his court date. He is going to get smoked is the word on the street.

      • Didn't hurt that Sabathia just got a stem cell shot from Dr. Andrews.

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