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  • athec_99 athec_99 Jun 3, 2014 11:36 AM Flag

    IntellihealthPlus clinic in Bangkok

    New clinic opening in Thailand. Using adipose derived stem cells for treatment. Owned by Stemcells21, who are one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit vs Dr. LookGood and SVFC.

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    • You being sued by Intellicell does not give your word much weight here Athlec_99 and once the patent issue is set, these offices in countries known for outright theft of intellectual property will pay or close.

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      • LOL, now I'm being sued again? But you said I was the one suing - or did you? Your like a pendulum -make up your mind, surfy! Your words: "these offices in countries known for outright theft of intellectual property" - are you watching Apple and Samsung fight over patents? Why is it that Apple wins the cases here and Samsung wins in Asia? Political corruption is entrenched on both sides of the ocean, surfy, and Dr. Botox doesn't have the legal clout in Thailand - or any other foreign country - to make his useless patents stick. But, since your lips are permanently stapled to Dr. Botox's backside, you cant see any of the GIGANTIC hurdles SVFC faces - including those from the FDA.

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