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  • athec_99 athec_99 Jun 12, 2014 8:35 AM Flag

    The 5 stages of Investor grief - the 'Motley Fool'

    1. Denial
    In this usually short-lived stage, investors express disbelief and incredulity. While temporarily denying reality, common responses include, "This can't be happening" and "I refuse to accept this." However, when reality hits home, most soon move on to think about the implications of "the event."
    2. Anger
    At this stage, investors become outraged, angrily casting about for anyone to blame other than themselves. Often, they become swamped with helpless rage, protesting about the unfairness of the event and its harsh effect on their lives.
    3. Bargaining
    For some, the third stage of grief is the most tragic, because bargaining gives investors false hope. At this point, many remarks begin ruefully with "If only I ... ," "I'll do anything for ... ," and similar pleas. In an attempt to avoid confronting their pain, investors promise to give their life and soul in a futile attempt to make a pact with fate and turn back time.
    4. Depression
    Depression marks the beginning of the end of the grief process. Comments such as, "What's the point of going on?," "I can't live with this suffering," and "Why bother trying?" show a clear need to disconnect from the world and properly mourn.
    Often, depression is the longest stage of grief, with some investors taking years to clear this hurdle.
    5. Acceptance
    Redemption arrives in the form of acceptance, when investors finally come to terms with their loss. In this "light at the end of the tunnel" conclusion, they realize that life goes on and it's time for their struggle to end.
    I think the bag holders on iHub are about to reach stage #2

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