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  • surfntravel surfntravel Jun 26, 2014 1:47 PM Flag

    .will it get better or worse with 10 billion A/S

    Isn't that enough to support a small country? Lol for like a couple years

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    • I see very little positives with this company right now and this just adds on to the steaming pile. In all of your comments to another poster, I have never really heard what about this company you think is so great?

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      • The other poster disgusts me for his motives. That said I like the results this is achieving with real patients. That is truthful and to the best of my DD speaking to real patients of Regen using Intellicell I would call some of those results nothing short of some kind of miracle. Those are real results that that other poster will come face to face with if his case ever even makes it that far. I like the science. Do I think The SVFC CEO will propel the business, at this point like everyone else I don't know. Not sure how much of his day is dedicated to that goal. I was surprised like everyone about the increase but with Athec and other obviously paid detractors working to keep the pps the lowest, it is certainly going to make the business of getting a company up and running much harder. Also there is definite attempt going on to steal this tech. I have positions elsewhere but the story unfolding here and how it was carried out deserves to be on 60 minutes, athec deserves to be on 60 minutes. Who spends day after day on a message board posting slander all day? It would be interesting to have him interviewed for a national TV audience his personal motivation for this. Good luck to all who are still invested.

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